Chance Interactive Online Mode

Chance Interactive Online Mode

Introduction to Chance Interactive

Reel Play was set up back in 2014, though it wasn’t known by that name then. When it was founded, it was called Chance Interactive – but it underwent a rebrand in 2019 to become known as Reel Play. The firm is based in the Australian city of Sydney.

The company is known in particular for its commitment to beautiful game development. It has embraced the move to 3D, with many of its gaming outputs offering this feature to enhance the visual pleasure of the gamer.  It is also known for its audio environments, with many of its games offering top sounds capes. Gameplay is also a priority for the company, and many of its top rated slot games come with bonuses and more.

History of Chance Interactive

As mentioned above, Reel Play is a fairly new brand – though the underlying company has been in existence for almost a decade. Its rebrand in 2019 was described by the company as retaining the foundations that Chance Interactive had offered, while also “adding a little nitro”.

As well as rebranding and adding what it describes as “nitro”, the company has also been on a significant journey of enhancing its business-to-business connections and relationships. It has partnerships with a wide variety of some of the biggest names in the sector, including William Hill, Poker Stars, Optibet, and more.

Chance Interactive Top Games

Reel Play is a top provider in this sector – not least because it has managed to produce some of the most well-known game play concepts of modern times.

One of these is Infinity Reels. Reel Play is the original provider of Infinity Reels – giving it a solid base from which it has been able to go on to produce all sorts of other slot game play features.

In terms of specific games, the company has a wide range on its books. Its Atlantis Mega ways slot game, for example, is packed full of excellent graphics as well as a maximum win that is 2,000x the amount that the player put down. The game has six reels and there are thousands of different ways to strike it lucky.

Another popular choice from Reel Play is Gems of Egypt. There are not quite as many ways to win in this game, but the maximum win amount is much higher at 5,000x.

This demonstrates that Reel Play has a commitment to offering a diversity of slot games, rather than just one type. This, in turn, is likely to help retain customers and make sure that they feel comfortable playing there.

Chance Interactive Notable Awards

As Reel Play, the company has managed to secure several key nominations in the casino gaming awards world in recent times. Its hyper nova Mega ways slot, for example, was recently nominated for the ‘Top Performing Online Slot’ category in the fourth annual EKG Slot Awards.

Chance Interactive Summary

Chance Interactive/Reel Play is, for sure, a top provider in the casino gaming sector. As the first-ever provider of the Infinity Reels game play option, it is a firm that knows its stuff when it comes to what makes a good slot game. And following its rebrand, it’s likely that the company will be able to take positive steps toward expanding its reach even further thanks to the marketing potential that this offers.

It’s impossible to predict with certainty what might be next on the cards for Reel Play, but perhaps one area of the company’s work that might be worth watching is its services offer. As well as offering up its games, this provider also provides services to other gaming sector organizations – such as developers. While this may be of little direct interest to the average gamer, it is useful for them to know because it illustrates that the game quality levels at this company are in demand – which is, hopefully, indicative of its quality.